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The Worst Toe Pain Day of the Life of My Poor Feet


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26 January 2012

Just when I thought I’d lived through it all… can my feet take any more of this horrible pain? My high heels were way too tight, way too constricting on my hardworking feet. I thought I could relieve them with a nice, long finger massage… until I stopped relaxing and thought I’d take care of some things around the house, just prancing around in my stocking feet. My pantyhose are no protection! I can tell you that!

First, I stubbed my toe on one thing and then another. I fell to the floor, nursing my terribly torn up toes, coddling them and trying to enable myself to walk… only to go through all that pain all over again!! I finally just had to do something… I got so mad… felt so horrible… I just threw my high heels in the trash and… OW!!!!

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