"I don't know why the taboo stuff does it for me. Maybe it's because of your more genuine acting that most women in your profession don't care to invest in. I could scarcely call any other adult performers 'actresses.'"

Working as a Shoe Model Can Be So Painful


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1 August 2009

Ugh. What a day. My feet are KILLING me. These beautiful high heels are just too tight. If I can just release my painful heels finally and let them relax. Ahhhh… ow!! Oh, my gosh. I had no idea they were so red and swollen. No wonder they’ve been causing me so much anguish.

Now, what am I going to do with all this “homework” from my boss? I have all these shoes to practice modeling. I hope they’re the right size! I’ll have to force myself through the process of trying on every single pair.

They’re such beautiful shoes. Such sexy heels and styles! If I can just bear the pain…

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