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Painting a Masterpiece with My Toes Freed of Their Fishnets


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7 February 2010

Ooooh, finger paints!! I can’t wait to create something really beautiful… I hope I don’t get any brightly colored paint on my sexy white fishnet stockings! Oops… my heels keep popping out of my shoes… and there, I dropped one right off my foot while absentmindedly dangling. I’m getting carried away with my painting.

Hey, I have a brilliant idea!! I should try painting with my toes themselves!! I wonder how well my feet can paint… If I wiggle my toes enough, I can poke my biggest toe right out of my stockings and then use it as a paintbrush… ooooh, that gooey paint is so cold! It tickles!! hee hee hee This is so much fun! I have to try the other foot… so messy but look at my beautiful painting! What do you think? And of my rainbow colored toes and feet!! hee hee hee

I better dunk them both in a warm bath…. hmmmm… and dry them off in a fuzzy towel…. ahhhh… and, oh! I didn’t realize I was rubbing my feet dry right on the carpet! I’ve nearly rubbed all my toes right out of my stockings! Look at them wiggle!!!

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