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My Feet Just Won’t Stop Itching!


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12 September 2011

Oh my gosh… I just have to tell you… This is really just so horrible. I’ve had this problem for WEEKS now! I swear, that new girl at work must’ve done something to my shoes! No, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. My FEET won’t stop itching! Truly!

They’re driving me insane. When I rest my feet at my desk, and slip my shoes off for just a bit, I finally get some relief. I’ve left my dress shoes off at the office to take off for lunch a few times and when I return and slip my pumps back on my pantyhose clad feet again, my feet start itching like CRAZY! I try everything I can think of to stop it… I’ve got to go back to the office in just a few minutes but… well, my feet are driving me nuts right now!

Do you see how bad they feel? Look at how much I’m scratching them! No matter how fast or how much I scratch, one hand or two, fingernails or finger tips, I just can’t make it stop. I’m about to rip holes right through my nylons!! I stretch and pull on them from the toes, nearly destroying them, and my poor soles and toes still get no relief. I’m close to tears!!