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Naughty Girl’s Revenge


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2 December 2016

Santa, Santa, Santa. I’m disappointed in you. If it wasn’t for your famous taste for milk, I never could’ve managed to take advantage of you. Did you like your little nap? Oh, no, don’t worry about every other house on your list yet tonight. I’m going to take care of those!

But first, I want to teach you a lesson… and make you come for every year you left me with nothing but coal for Christmas. Why do you punish the naughty girls anyway? Your life would be better off with more naughtiness… see what I have beneath my sexy dress? I’m wearing a sexy strap on just for you.

Oh, yes, I’m going to humiliate you and force you to admit who’s really in charge tonight. I’m going to fuck you… and make you beat it for me, and then raid your big toy sack, treat myself to all the gifts I really do deserve, and then… well, I’ll save it until after you come. Be sure to drink up all your own MILK, Santa!!

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