"I had the pleasure of purchasing my first video of you today and it was absolutely amazing."

The Tease You Love to Hate


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28 February 2017

We’ve had such a great night.  Everything’s right: the mood, our easy laughter, we’re really hitting it off.  Just like all the dates before.

We’re so in the mood, so eager for it.  We both know what’s coming next.  And you know that I know you’ve wanted me for a long, long time.  And I can tell, by that hungry look in your eyes, that I look more delicious than ever to you.

I’ve got you right where I want you: wanting me.  Desperate for it.  The biggest compliment of all.  Even the atmosphere is still and sensual, so right for exactly what we want to happen.

The flirting’s flowing, and I’m not even denying you the delight of seeing my clothing come off, piece by piece.  You almost jump me when I’m down to my seductive panties and bra.

I’m right here for the taking, I’m reaching around, unclasping my bra, letting it fall loose from my enormous, naked breasts…