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A Long, HARD Night of Blue Balls Before the BIG GAME


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2 February 2016

It’s the night before the big game – THE GAME – the game YOU star in. You’re a professional; you know you really need your sleep. But I’m sooooo excited that I can’t help but tiptoe into your room and disturb you.

It’s so exciting!! It’s THE night before the big game – the BIGGEST GAME OF YOUR LIFE! I just want to give you a little something… a little sexy encouragement. You know, to motivate you to WIN the big game. And you know how good I am at “encouraging” you.

I’ll treat you gently, slowly, carefully – you ARE supposed to be sleeping, after all – and give you more and more and more. BUT remember you’re supposed to SLEEP; you need a good night’s rest!

And after the big game – when you win it – I promise you’ll get everything I’m NOT going to give you now.

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