"Let me say, you are absolutely amazing at what you do. I have seen nothing else like what you've done."

The Best Gift in the World


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10 December 2019

Your wife has really outdone herself this time. Just when you think the two of you may be at the end of your marriage and your wife might be intending to leave you before the holidays, she gives you THIS GIFT: the latest model in sexbot technology.

Here is an adoring beauty DESIGNED to please you – in every way you wish. She’s built with the most amazing breasts, face, voice, smile, body… and she WANTS to please you. You won’t even need to beg your wife for sex anymore! But there’s a catch… the sexbot has built in failsafes. She’s designed to avoid any activities that *could* lead to your potential harm.

As it turns out, she’s a TEASING bot, never quite allowing you to orgasm. But by the end of your agonizing first session, she herself suggests removing the failsafe function.

FINALLY. You can get what you’re really after! Or… will you?