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The Honorable Judge Booty Orders Your Public Orgasm


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16 March 2011

Order! ORDER! I will not tolerate all this cheering and jeering in my courtroom. Now, back to business. I remind you, sir, that these proceedings are televised, and your actions as well as every word you utter in your own defense are public knowledge.

My reputation for being hard on perverts like yourself is completely truthful. You and your case won’t be an exception to then rule. For your criminal act of flashing your private person in public to innocent passersby and unsuspecting fellow residents of our fair city, I sentence you to…. no, what was that? You think you’re getting off easy?

Order! ORDER!!! You WILL remain silent while I make my statement, and you WILL retain all due respect while addressing this bench. Do you understand, sir?! Now, considering this specific case and your unruly attitude, I’m now adjusting my sentence accordingly.

I sentence you to the punishment of revealing yourself right here in my courtroom for complete public humiliation and the pure entertainment of your fellow citizens and all viewers of live t.v. currently watching. Now. Yes, remove your clothes right here in my courtroom… and start masturbating.