“You are AMAZING! You know how to make a man feel special!”

"You are AMAZING! You know how to make a man feel special!"

The Epic Seduction and Destruction of Superman


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8 December 2009

My lifetime goal, my grand scheme, is almost within reach. I can FEEL it now. All I have to do is lure Superman to my home, the Man of Steel himself, under the guise of a helpless woman in distress. He won’t be able to resist. I’ll don my clever disguise so that he doesn’t recognize the infamous villainess that I am. All I have to do is call Superman right to me and then begin my clever seduction.

I’ve done my research. I know his vulnerabilities and his ultimate weakness. He can’t resist a beautiful woman. And my powers of seduction are universally renowned! I’ll play the helpless female, and Superman will never know the difference… until I have him right where I want him… until he’s already weakened by his heightened arousal… until I reveal my devious plot to him and watch him cower and cringe before me.

I’m going to steal his super powers right out of him… transferring them all into me, directly from his throbbing cock!! I’ve dreamed of this moment… of being stronger than Superman himself, of being able to knock him down with one little finger, of being able to drop him to the floor and watch him grovel at my feet, of being able to force-fuck him into ecstasy and his deepest fears simultaneously… and finally, put him to rest. FOREVER.