"You bring a sense of fun that's missing in so much adult fare, combined with being a VERY good actress."

There’s a New Supervillainess in Town


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26 December 2019

Ah, what’s this…  Have you come to “arrest” me?  To take me away and lock me up for good so that I just can’t cause any more “trouble”??

Oh, but why would you want to do that… at least, once I turn around, once you SEE me, once you have the opportunity to take ALL OF ME in…  Oh, you ARE a smart one.  So cute in your little uniform, so dashing and eager to be the superhero that actually saves the world once and for all.

Yes, you’re soooo clever that you’ve figured me out.  You’ve spotted my HUGE superpower, my pièce de résistance, my weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, the moment that you laid your eyes on them, you began to fall under their spell.  NO ONE can resist them—not even superheroes.