"Thank you for making my sex-life so much richer!!"

Drunk Little Girl’s Seduction of Sugar Daddy Part 3


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16 March 2009

Oh, Daddy… look how much I want you! I’m all drunk and horny and giddy. Just wait and see what I have in store for you tonight! I need another shot… and maybe my favorite vibrator and my favorite dildo.

Daddy! What a surprisingly big dick you have… ooooh! Can you make it harder for me? Harder still? How do you like the feeling of my warm tongue on the tip of your penis? Does that make you harder for me? Let me suck on you while I make myself come with my vibrator. See how wet my pussy is for you!! Oh, I’m working my pussy now… I… I… OOOOOOH! I came so hard for you.

Another drink… just a couple more shots. Mmmm… I feel so good. And I’m still horny! I’ll make myself come once more… AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…. Oh, was that the sound of your limo outside?

Oh, I’m coming, Daddy! I’m so excited about our big date tonight. Won’t you be surprised to see me all drunk and silly? If I can just make it stumbling to the door to greet you…..