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Take Me with You: Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


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20 April 2012

You’ve waited long enough… and now, it’s Friday! After a full week of agony… or at least a few days… you’ve teased your dick morning after morning and now, you’ll be rewarded. We’re making the drive home together, side by side, and I’m directing your every move. I can’t wait to watch you spurt out all over the steering wheel!

Better hope I finish with you before the drive is done… or you may be denied yet another orgasm if someone else is waiting for you at home. Yikes! Let’s get started… and I’m throwing in a dash of the Red-Light-Green-Light game to spice up the ride home. Ready… get set… you’re going to come soon!

** Perfectly paired with the optional experience “Take Me with You: I’m Driving You Wild on Your Drive to Work”.