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Take Me with You: I’m Driving You Wild on Your Drive to Work


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14 April 2012

So… you like to play games? And do really devious things? When you think no one is looking or… when EVERYONE is actually looking? You like the thrill, don’t you. And the wait. You want to be brought to the edge, driven crazy, and halted right before release. You want me with you on that long drive… for a sexy ride along game of stop and go and LOTS of tease that’ll leave you hard as a rock and filled with testosterone for your workday.

Oh, we’re going to play all right… at least THREE DAYS this week during your drive into work. Yes, we are. You’re going to take me with you each morning, follow along with my naughty suggestions, and WAIT for your final release. You’ll get it… on Friday, when Part II is available for your Friday drive home. Oh, it’s going to be explosive! We’ve got one whole week to play together…

* For the full effect… be prepared to hop in your car on your morning commute and have these optional accoutrements on hand: sunglasses to hide that look of ecstasy on your face!