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You’ve Become Obsessed; Let Me Cure You with Psychotherapy


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30 June 2012

Yes, yes, I know. You have me under your skin. I’m working my way into the deepest recesses of your mind. I don’t even try. Truly! I just can’t help it… YOU can’t help it. You have to have more and more of ME. You crave my voice, my image, my smile, my instructions… the very orgasms that only I can give you. It’s okay… really.

I understand your obsession. In fact, I agree that it may be a bit too much for your to handle. I’ve learned some new techniques; would you like to try them? I can release you from all that grief or torment and skewed focus. You shouldn’t be obsessed; it’s really not healthy. Trust me enough to introduce you to my newly gained hypno-techniques?

Just relax… listen to my soft, yet commanding, voice… hone in on the slow rhythm of the metronome click-clacking you into deeper sleep… feel the direct effect of my finger snapping as I issue your new suggestions… (…and I’ll secure your complete obsession with me for the rest of your life… in every thought, every movement, every sight and sound, and every erection… your masturbation will be uncontrollable, your erections created by a mere bat of my eyelashes, your thoughts possessed by yours truly…)