"PERFECT! So sexy the way you were talking about your lust for power and then describing what it felt like....holy shit! Totally stupefied."

If You Like Whores So Much, You Can Be One


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10 June 2013

You don’t think I can possibly know what you’re really up to.  You have no idea what I’m capable of knowing… and doing to you.  I know you’ve been sneaking off to those skanky massage parlors, spending time with whores and getting cheap handjobs.  I’ve spent all evening thinking of the perfect punishment for you, a way to make you pay for your indiscretion and your terrible taste.  It’s time for you to discover just how powerful I am, just what I have the ability to do to you.

Can you feel it already?  In your cock… that sensation?  Yes, it’s slowly shrinking… shriveling up until it’s gone completely.  You’re developing a pussy in its place… I’m turning you into a woman.  No, not just any woman: a WHORE.  If you love sluts so much, you can be one!

I’m furious, disgusted, and taking it all out on you.  I’m describing every little change taking place to your own body and mind right now, detail by detail.  You’re transforming uncontrollably.  There’s nothing you can do to stop the process.  You’re going to be so desperately horny… and you’ll only be able to have sex when you get paid for it… CHEAPLY.  When you come back to me with $1000, I’ll think about changing you back… I said I’ll THINK about it.