"I have sampled a number of MI videos from other actresses. Your voice is natural and has an extra "knowing" edge that never becomes cynical. This is a rare thing."

Surprise Reverse Effect! Turning YOU into a Ditzy Tween Girl


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20 October 2011

Ah, you should’ve KNOWN better! You think you can pull one over on me? On ME?!?! I know all your tricks and every try you make.

You want to dominate, don’t you? YOU want to have control in this relationship! Well, you should’ve thought twice before attempting to drug me with that regression powder. I’ve switched glasses… you’ve just drunk it yourself! Isn’t that obvious??

Didn’t you notice you just got several inches shorter? Didn’t you used to be taller than me? You’re transforming into a young girl!! You’re budding breasts, your estrogen is raging, your dick is shrinking and… we’re going to have to go shopping for you! You’ll need panties and lingerie – age appropriate of course – and I’m going to have to teach you all about boys and their tricks. You’re going to be SO boy crazy!

Feeling the urge already? Well, I’ll put that to good use. You’re going to whore for me… you’re the little sister I always wanted!!

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