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Transforming You into a Woman to End Your Cheating Ways


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28 March 2011

There there now. Don’t be so distraught. It’s only going to last for the rest of your lifetime. And you know you EARNED it. I’ve found the perfect way to obtain revenge for all the wrong you’ve done in our relationship.

For all your unfaithfulness, all those women you slept with behind my back, I can finally rest assured that you’ll never cheat on me with another woman again… not as long as YOU have now been transformed into a woman yourself! Ha! How does it feel?? …to be budding breasts now as you wake up in what seems to be someone else’s body? …to find your cock gone and replaced by a sexy slit and an aching cavity that comes with a hunger for which only ONE thing can fulfill?

Do you feel those urges already? What are you going to do now??