"You are on the way to breaking the internet. You have broken my ability to think about anything other than you several times."

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23 February 2012

Now’s the time… what you’ve always dreamed of! You can now subscribe to my box itself: TarasBox.com that is! Thanks to my hard working team at TT, our studio services now include a brand-spanking new message system designed to be tailored to your own personal preferences. Don’t miss a single bit of sexy news!

It’s just what you’ve always wanted… what I’ve always wanted. Now, we’ve got an official list system for keeping in touch. I create the sexy messages and dole out the hot news you don’t want to miss, while you pick and choose what interests you most. Change your personal preferences as often as your whims themselves. Go undercover for a while and remove your email address from the list. Return with a new super-identity and join the fun again when it pleases you. I’ll be right here ready to welcome you!

Want to stay tuned into the big, BIG studio news? (Hint: a LOT of exciting things are planned for Tara Tainton Experience studios and our product offerings this year!) Want to know what I’m personally up to… or when I have a new blog post to share with you? How about your favorite videos destined to me your new personal favorites in your at-home collection? What if you don’t have enough time to check into my stores as often as you’d like? Have no fear… Tara’s Box is here!

naughty box

If you haven’t already received my personal welcome-to-my-new-box message, you may pop in and choose your own interests from my massive list of choices, down to every favorite fetish of yours and every bit of news you most want to ensure you hear straight from… my beautiful box. Just visit the subscribe link at any time. Don’t forget to select TT Studio News for every new happening, change, and offering at the studio, Tara’s Personal News to hear about major goings on in my erotic world, New Blog Post Announcements if you wish to be personally notified of any new addition right here in my own blog, All New Video Announcements if you want my complimentary direct email showing off each new video of the week with snapshots, description, and additional details, and All New Audio Announcements if you wish to be personally pointed toward each new available audio treat in my stores (coming soon!).

For those of you with very specific fetish interests and curiosities about other in my wide range of filming experience, select any or all, and you’ll be treated to being the very first to hear of every new offering pertaining to your own specific interests. Receive as much or as little mail as you wish. And please do feel free to send along any additional ideas you have for fetishes, notifications, or special lists that might suit you perfectly.

Welcome to my new box!