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Who Loves a Dirty Story?


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12 November 2013

I know you do… you view and experience mine on a regular basis.  My videos come alive for you, focused on your preferences, making all your fantasies a reality.  And I do love treating you!

As it so happens, I’m going to be serving up delicious written stories for you very soon.  My own hands are tied with my on-camera fun, so we’ll just see what my little sister can do for you.  I can’t wait to introduce you to the hottest erotic writing, the dirtiest little stories, to ever cross your view.

Now, I’m just wondering how much you love a good dirty story.  What are your favorite themes?  Which fantasies do you love to indulge in most when it comes to treating yourself to written erotica?

I would love to hear.  We’re going to be enjoying all kinds of great erotic stories together very soon!

P.S.  You might want to also make sure you’re on the list for “Tara’s Little Sister’s Erotic eBooks.”

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