"I just wanted to share my experiences with you and tell you how much I love your work. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in to it and also all the quality videos you produce!"

Welcome to the NEW TaraTainton.com!


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9 March 2013

Welcome to my brand spanking new personal site… the official Tara Tainton home where you’ll find all the news and updates on all the goodies released in my world renowned catalog of video and audio experiences, and the most glorious images, previews, and other goodies to keep you warmed up all through the year.  My home is your home… enjoy!!

Browse around, stay for a while, explore your curiosities, and allow yourself to just fantasize.  This is your “safe place,” your playground, your home away from home.  You’re cordially invited to step into my world, and let yourself imagine all erotic possibilities.  I’m here to make your fantasies come true.

Please note: I’m still working on the site to make it as beautiful and complete as you deserve… and befitting my own taste for true quality.  Specifically, I’m still updating former video release updates with handy Buy Now buttons, full-size images, and those high-res previews you’ve come to really look forward to, I’m going to be updating my blog here much more frequently, and I’ll have new features popping up all over for your personal pleasure.  You’ll also find this the easiest place to find exactly what you’re interested in as I attach category tags to every catalog offering I’ve ever released.  Oh, you’re going to have so much fun!

This site, designed especially for you and based on what you love about what I do, is all about your personal experience, the Tara Tainton Experience. You’ve come to love my own personal style, demand it even, and I’m here to treat you.  Enjoy the larger-than-life views, the intimacy, the imagery, and all the video teasers awaiting you.  And remember to keep in touch… this is our place to correspond, discuss, share ideas, play at new interests, indulge ourselves, and be thoroughly turned on and entertained.

Just as before, I welcome all your comments… feel free to use my new comment system to add your thoughts to every video, audio, and blog post.  I have a handy new Contact form for getting in touch with me in just a few clicks and special ones designated just for your interest in specific items and submitting your own requests.  That’s right.  Now, you can slip your own suggestions and ideas right into my queue with a click!

Wanna know what’s most popular in video or audio?  Just take a look at the snazzy boxes on the right of each page.  Searching for something specific?  Check out the search box in the upper right corner of the site, and be sure to use the category tags to just click and view a listing matching your own preferences.  Fantastic!  More and more will appear in those search listings as I categorize every single little thing on my site… so keep checking back for more and more and still more to choose from in your favorite fetishes and on your favorite subjects.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to step in front of the camera and make your future fantasies come true…

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