“Tara, I’m a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!”

"Tara, I'm a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!"

Strokin’ It for a Street Walker and Gettin’ Some Back Alley Action


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24 July 2010

You know what you like. You can’t get enough of long, lean legs with smooth, shapely thighs, strong calves, delicate ankles, and bare feet with painted toenails dangerously perched in a pair of strappy stiletto high heels… all topped off by a curvy bum tightly squeezed into a black mini dress so short that it rides up and bares the most subtle glimpse of ass cheek and that delicious crease between ass and thigh as the object of your lust struts back and forth.

What a beautiful body. One you’d LOVE to fuck. But you also LOVE to watch… in fact, you’ve been staring at a hot little slutty street walker all night long. You can’t get enough of her walking in those high heels, her legs swinging back and forth as her ass jiggles. You’ve been eying her up and down, so much so that she’s taken notice. She’s going to call you on it, and then, what will you do?

Is she a sweet lady of the night with just a tinge of a southern accent and hint of education ready to welcome you into her world and offer up her services to you? Or will she kick you to the curb for watching and indulging your voyeur fetish without paying up? What if she takes a liking to you? What if she waits for you to be ready for your first experience with a hooker, knowing you’ll definitely come back again, bring more cash, and quickly become a repeat customer?

How would you start your new relationship with a working girl? What would you do if she reached down to feel your bulge in your pants and instructed you to whip out your dick and start stroking it right there on the street corner?