"WOW!!!! Now I understand what makes you Numero Uno! You are not only beautiful and erotic but an amazing person too."

Stroke, Lick, Make That Cum for Your Dirty Mommy


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20 July 2021

You’ve done it again. You’re trying—failing—to hide a secret from Mommy.

You’ve been watching me – behind my back – all this time, and you’ve been getting harder and harder, more and more stiff, in your pants. Tell me… why are you getting hard watching Mommy put her makeup on – with my back to you??

Is it my…. ass? Are you getting stiff thinking of your own mother’s ass?!

Now, tell me. Have you been doing what I’ve told you to? Have you been stroking your cock the way I told you to last time?

Then, show me. Do it for Mommy right now… and the licking, and the eating. And if you impress Mommy… I’m going to eat some too.