"I enjoy watching your charming eyes and your gorgeous smile, I also have to admit that I can't resist your ultra hot body and your playful personality."

Stop and Go at My Command and More


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21 November 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh, you love playing games… my way. This time, I want to control your movements with a simple “stop and go” instruction… or do I ever allow it to be that simple?? You’ll soon find out… I’m going to dictate your speed: slow, medium, faster, FASTER! And I’m even going to dictate your position.

I’m going to have you changing it all up left, right, and center. You’re going to be confused, in a daze, and jerking like a mad man… until I finally allow you to come. Can you last that long? The sight of me alone may be too much for you to handle.