"Your talents of engagement are beyond anything I've ever encountered."

High-Speed Masturbation Marathon: Turbo Edition!


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5 May 2009

Get ready… get set… We’re going HIGH speed, MAJOR variation, MULTIPLE technique, STOP and start, and a SERIOUS stamina-testing length of time. Can you handle it?? Can your COCK stand the pressure?? You’re in for a wild ride, an extreme test of your sexual endurance.

You’ve begged for it and now, I’m delivering the TURBO EDITION! We’re going to have one amazing time together for the next half-hour. We’re going seduce your cock with slow strokes, super-high-speed jerking, brand new methods of pleasuring, some thrusting, some pulling, some tugging, and some rubbing. We’re going to squeeze and slide and swirl!

I’m going to tell you just when to start, when to stop, IF you can come, and just how long you have to last for me… and I’m going to tease and tempt you and jiggle and bounce in front of your face to truly test you… ALL along the way. I’m going to bring you to the brink over and over and over again!

Oh, we’re in this together, my sexy friend. I’ll be tugging and stroking right along with you… just match my speed and technique… and HERE – WE – GO!!