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Stern Teacher Delivers Your Ball-Aching, Formal Lesson in Masturbation


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22 June 2010

Boys… Boys!! Settle down now. It’s time for your lesson to begin. You are all here for your formal instruction in masturbation. I am your teacher, Ms. Tainton. Now, no hands on your penises yet!! Let me see those hands raised! That’s it.

Now, you must be excellent listeners and do everything just as I instruct. There will be no coming AND no stopping unless I say so. Does everyone understand? You, in the front, do you understand what I’m saying? Very good then. Please pay attention to my pointing stick on the blackboard… does everyone see the diagram I have drawn for you?

Now, our aim is to build up your semen and erection to reach full ejaculation and a veritable cum explosion! Does everyone understand? You must follow my directions exactly no matter how badly your balls are aching or whether or not you feel you might explode way too early. Your lesson will include repeated countdowns, an agonizing endurance challenge, stroking speed variation, and a great deal of stopping and starting.

Now, boys, let me see those penises!