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“Smiley” Strikes Again


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16 August 2016

You’re risking everything: entering rival territory, defense weapon left at the door, daring a negotiation for truce… daring to be in the same room as me… ALONE. I’m the new mob boss, head of my family, and you need my protection.

I understand that… just don’t expect for me to weep for you and the death of those of your own family and associates. You know how powerful I am; you know I wouldn’t walk into the room without “packing” myself if I didn’t believe I’m fully in control, regardless. I’m not moved by your tales of some mysterious assassin “liquidating” your associates, someone you’ve all dubbed “Smiley” because each of his kills dies wearing a big smile.

Still, perhaps we should join forces, perhaps we could be allies. IF you’re willing to accept my terms. And if you’re not… we’ll see how long it takes for that same large, eerie smile to appear on YOUR face.