“You are without a doubt the absolutely sexiest woman doing these type of videos I’ve ever seen.”

"You are without a doubt the absolutely sexiest woman doing these type of videos I've ever seen."

Selling Your Soul for the Best Orgasm of Your Life


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9 January 2014

You meet in the darkest of dark nights… where your path crosses that of your destiny. You’ve brought your offering, followed the ancient laws, and are fully aware of what you’re about to commit to. You don’t see her image, only hear her voice, as you discuss your own future and seal your own fate in blood with a cold dagger handed to you by… is “it” real?

Are you imagining all of this? Or are you promising your life away to a demon older than the Earth itself? You can barely make out an outline…. of the clawed hands that transfer the dagger to yours… of the gruesome face in the depths of a dark cloak. The event passes, you’ve survived.

You’re back in your own bedroom, feeling a subtle difference in the air, but you have no idea what to expect. And then she appears. Just as wished for, just as granted you by evil forces, the shape of the woman of your dreams appears. She tells you to remain silent, remain relaxed, and just let her do all the work. You remind yourself that you wanted this… without question.

In fact, you didn’t even ask questions. You just WANTED. And now, you’re receiving… full pleasure, luscious breasts, cock sucking, an unbelievable woman riding your cock… You come and it IS the best orgasm of your life. And your last.