"You are seriously good at what you do. Second to none! You provide an excellent service for which many are grateful for I'm sure."

Do You Think You Could Actually Resist Me in Real Life?


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20 December 2013

Well, there you are again… watching me. It’s nice to see you. I was thinking… I have a question for you. Do you REALLY think you could resist me if I just popped over to your own home, knocked on the door, and was standing there, in real life, before you? Do you think you could actually remain faithful to your girlfriend or wife if you had the opportunity to meet me in person?

Well, this is how I think it would all play out… There I am, at your door, and I’ve invited myself in. You see, I’m keeping this list of all my fans… and the ones I’ve successfully seduced. Notice how I’ve achieved my goal with EVERY single fan thus far.

You’re next on the list, and I’m going to tease that cum right out of you. We’ll see how you “stand up” to me in a real life situation… you won’t last long. You’re fantasy’s about to come true….