"I know this is a bit odd, but you are the only one that can do this..."

I’ve Been Looking for You for Centuries


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16 October 2018

We’re friends, aren’t we?  And yes, we’re neighbors too… we’ve had so many hot encounters together, you and I.  I think you’ve “held up” quite well… hee hee.  Don’t worry about how I appeared suddenly in your bedroom or managed to get into your house through a locked door… you don’t care, I’m sitting on top of you, my breasts hovering teasingly above you.

Let me tell you a story… a historical encounter… a tale of a young maiden who’s life changed forever… and how terribly lonely she still is.  That young maiden is me… centuries older now… and I think I may have finally found the perfect partner to be my companion for the rest of eternity.  That’s YOU, neighbor.

Yes, you love when I ride your cock, when I make you moan, how I make you come… how about feeling that every day for the rest of our lives together… FOREVER… I’ll let you come, taste your hot cum, all before I taste of that throbbing vein in your neck…