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My Poor, Desperate, Frustrated Stepson…


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10 October 2017

Out of everything in your life, there’s only ONE thing you’re sure of: you’re permanently desperate, permanently frustrated, permanently HARD now that you’re new stepmother has moved in.

There’s something about her… MUCH about her. It’s the way she moves, the way she looks at you, the way she talks to you… all the things she seems to be talking about, to, and driving you to DO. You can’t help yourself. No one could.

Lucky for your father, he gets to have everything your body aches for. He gets RELEASE. But not you. You have to live in desperate, never-ending frustration with your intensely sexual stepmother around.

She only wants to know one thing when she notices your umpteenth erection in her presence: “Just how DO you do it? How do you control yourself?”

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