“What a truly talented actress you are. You attention to details is astounding, your dialog is realistic and very engaging, and your camera work is very high quality.”

Pay the Price of Admission, and Enjoy the Sexy Show


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19 July 2009

Oooh, let me see it! Ah, there it is… an entire cup full of cum you’ve been saving up especially for me all week! Or did it take you a full month? Well, that oughta teach you for coming without my permission.

You poor thing. You’ve had to get off all alone, just you masturbating without me to work up those big loads and fill up a cup for me. Well, now that you have it finally, we’re going to have a lot of fun together! Are you ready? Now, let me see! Mmmmm….

Now, I have a special sexy striptease show for you…. Oh, you’re going to REALLY enjoy this one! …You just have to be willing to pay the price of admission. Just do exactly as I ask, and the show will begin. We can’t waste all that cum you’ve been saving up now, can we?!

Get your cock out… you’ve been waiting a long time to come again at my direction.