“I can’t put into words how good you are.”

"I can't put into words how good you are."

Our Very Special Wedding Night You’ve Waited So So Long For


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13 November 2010

What a very special day this is. It’s our wedding day, darling! Doesn’t it feel fantastic to finally be man and wife now?? We’ve waited so long for this moment. I know YOU have waited longest of all, holding out all this time while I waited for you to prove your love for and devotion to me by marrying me before I allowed you to know me in that most personal of ways.

You’ve been chaste for over two years now. You must be desperately horny now, my dear! I imagine you’re about to burst and won’t last another moment! I want you to be really ready for me, so nice and very, very hard. Won’t you start working that cock for me now, darling? Get all warmed up for me. That’s it.

The moment has come. I’m your wife now. Equal partner. Woman of the house. You’ve been so good about tending to my needs, proving your love, and providing everything I’ve wanted and needed.

Now, I want you show me just what else you have to offer me on our wedding night… my, that’s a VERY small penis… are you kidding me??!?!? Oh, jerk it hard for me, darling. See how big you can make it, and maybe that little dicky will grow… ha! And when you’re close to coming, so excited that you can barely contain yourself, then it will be time for my surprise… right between your legs.

Oh, not my mouth, darling. Or even my pussy. Just a quick knee to the groin. Before you know it, you’ll toppled to the floor in agony, your impending orgasm ruined, and your dicky-poo locked up in chastity with a key controlled by me!

Don’t worry, darling. I might let you play with it again next year… on our 1-year anniversary.