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Our Fateful Wedding Night


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21 November 2011

We’ve waited for this night for SO long. You’ve been so faithful to me, all ensured by your vow of chastity and your devout willingness to remain under lock and key for the entire period of our engagement. These keys have been around my neck for safekeeping for so long! And now, this is the moment you’ve been so patiently looking forward to.

You respect me so much by permitting me the chance to save myself for marriage. Of course, it’s been SO nice, this period of engagement with me not having to worry about whether you remain faithful or not. You’ve behaved so well! What if it all ends?? I don’t want it too… I don’t have to worry about a thing when you’re all locked up. I can actually trust you.

I’ve been thinking about this moment a great deal and… well, you’ve made the decision easy considering how much your oral skills have improved over this period when that’s the only way you’ve been able to please me sexually. How can I give that up?

In fact, how about going down on me to celebrate our new marriage… right now. You’ll look so handsome with your head bobbing up and down beneath the folds of my wedding gown. You make me feel SO good.

This is the perfect time to announce that I’m going to keep you chaste well into your new married life. I’ll explain every detail of this phase of our relationship and… well, I might as well confess I’ve also been sleeping around…