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The Wedding Night We’ll Never Forget


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24 January 2017

It’s such a beautiful wedding… one of those “destination weddings”… and you and I are sharing a room after the big event.  While your mommy is enjoying her big wedding night with your new dad, I’m in charge of you: my favorite nephew.

We’re going to have so much fun together… we can do anything you want.  We can stay up late… watching tons of movies… and, oh, your aunt’s in such a good mood!!  I just LOVE weddings: the romance, the beautiful bride, the pretty decorations, all the love, the handsome groom.

I’ve never had one of my own; I’ve never had MY special day.  But that’s okay… I have you.

When you just can’t stop asking WHY “the wedding night” is so special and you’re NOT allowed to go see your mommy in her own hotel room, well, it’s obvious that I’m going to have to explain to you.

I just… never thought I’d… end up SHOWING you.