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Reminiscing About Our Wedding Night with My Cuck Hubby


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25 February 2010

Mmmm… I was just remembering our wedding day, darling. Do you remember? Such a beautiful ceremony… do you still treasure the sight of me in my wedding gown? Was I the most beautiful bride you could ever dream of?

Oh, that was the day! You’d given me the keys to your chastity and orgasms the night before… do you remember? Oh, you made the biggest mistake of your life that night! I’ve kept you locked up ever since. We had such a lovely honeymoon…. you lapped up what you thought was my pussy wet with desire for you. Little did you know you were cleaning my freshly shaved pussy lips of the best man’s hot cum!!

I was thinking we should relive our wedding night, my darling husband. I have a hot cream pie waiting for you in the tight pussy you will NEVER get to fuck!