"I have to say you are the first woman to make me cum with your sex talk and actions."

Husbands Should Be Seen and Not Heard


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29 March 2022

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Aw… my new husband is finally waking up. How do you feel? For a while there, I thought I might have overestimated the dosage… didn’t mean for you to never wake up again! Well, looks like everything is fine now. More than fine, actually… we’re married!!

Oh, you finding yourself tied up isn’t part of some sexy wedding night game. Oh, no. Now that we’re husband and wife, I have full authority to do WHATEVER I want to you… that being absolutely nothing! Ha! I only want your money. You know, that bigger ring, house with a pool, my very own pool boy, a hot car, etc. But I am the generous sort so… I will actually let you come tonight. Well, with conditions, of course.

Let’s go over our future plans, the outline of our life together, while I give you a little handjob (well, a GREAT handjob) and tell you just what I will and will not accept in our marriage. Oh, we are in for eternal bliss, aren’t we! You’re going to come right into my sexy little wedding panties, the ones I wore as I walked down the aisle today… into your arms and to own you forever.

Stop wriggling! I’m only going to stuff the panties in your mouth. Husbands should be seen, not heard. This is the perfect marriage for me: all the money I want and I can have sex with anyone I want. In fact, I’m going out to find me some big dick right now… don’t you think this outfit will win any man over??