"Thank you very much, Tara, for all you're doing for all of us! I really feel my mind escape when I watch your videos!"

Oh, No! I Think I’ve Gained Weight!


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21 May 2009

Oh no… this can’t be! Why is my belly pooching like that? No…. I swear I didn’t look like this yesterday. My tight shirt must just be making me look a bit fat. No, wait! I have to check myself out in the mirror… I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

What is this around my waist? And my thighs? And my arms? Oh, my ass! I’m going to have to get on the scale…

No, the numbers must be wrong! My scale must be off. Stupid scale. I’ll just adjust it… damnit! Maybe if I take off my shoes… no way! Now, maybe I should undress a bit… that oughta get the number right. Oh, this can’t be!