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Coming to Terms with the Discovery of My Sexy Pot Belly


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22 September 2010

I absolutely HAVE to look my very best tonight. I have to impress my date with my supreme sexiness. Everything has to be perfect, from my confident smile down to my high heels! And who cares if the most perfect pumps are too tight for my feet now? My feet will ache for perfection and suffer for sex appeal!

These sheer black stockings will definitely have the essential effect… and my… oh, how’d these panties get so tight! Even my bra seems to fit a bit differently. It hasn’t been THAT long since I wore it last for a very special occasion. Wait a minute…. what’s this peeking beneath my blouse?!? And protruding in a great round mound beneath the waistline of my favorite pencil skirt?!? NOOOO! NOT A POT BELLY! But it can’t be!!

I’ve always been so sexy, able to get handed anything I want! How’d I get a big round belly emerging from my body?!? I’m just going to have to hide it. Nothing is going to stop me from looking exceptional tonight. I don’t have time for a girdle, so I’m going to have to squeeze and squeeze and SQUEEZE my newly discovered pot belly beneath this wide elastic belt…