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Oh, No! I Must Be Gaining Weight! I Can’t Fit into My Clothes… Might as well Eat More!


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9 September 2009

I just have to hurry and get dressed for my friend’s barbecue. Mmmm… to think of all those delicious foods that await! Pork ribs, potato salad, DESSERT! I think a skirt and top will be great for an outdoor party… oh, gross! When did I get that stomach hanging out over my waistband! And my ass! When did it get so wide!

Forget it. I bet I’ll look hot in my jeans. They’ll pull everything in and tighten me up! And a cute summer top… oh, god! I AM gaining weight! Look at this muffin top… and that’s after it took me ages to squeeze into the jeans! I had to squeeze my ass cheeks together just to get them pulled up!

That’s it… I’m trying a different outfit… and another. I’ve got to hurry. I hope I’m not tempted by all that food my friend has prepared…

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