"Never thought I'd see the day when I'd pay for porn. You're worth every cent."

Of Course I Have Time for My Boy Before Going into Work


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5 November 2019

Of course you can have a quickie before I’m off to work, my darling son! You know the house rules: anything goes!

I love taking care of BOTH of my boys. And aren’t you lucky to grow up in a household that’s so free and natural about sex? Of course I’m here for you when you’ve got your poor wrist in a cast as well! How are you even going to cope without me all day??

How about a nice, handjob, honey? I can do that special thing you love, and if your father will just let us alone for a bit, we can take our time and…. oh, no!!!

I can’t believe he interrupted and ruined your orgasm!! My poor boy!

Okay, I still have enough time to take care of you. I’ll just get out of these work clothes and sit on your cock and bounce you to orgasm! Does that sound nice, darling?