"Every time you get close to the camera and talk, it's amazing. You say all the right things to make yourself seem so in control."

Not NOW, Honey. I’m in the Middle of a Meeting!


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18 August 2020

I said NOT NOW! Honey, *Mommy* has a meeting. In just a few minutes. I’m still getting ready! I have to hurry.

Now, just… if you insist on staying in the room, you have to be way over there. STAY over there. And… don’t make any noise!

You cannot talk to me while I’m having a meeting! I’ve explained this to you before. They’re on the computer. No, not yet. But they will be. Any minute.

You HAVE to let me finish getting ready! I DO NOT have time to help you with your cumsies right now. You’re going to have to wait until I’m finished with my meeting!!

(But I doubt you can…)