“Tara is so hot, her voice so arousing, and she can be pretty damn funny too. Freekin awesome.”

"Tara is so hot, her voice so arousing, and she can be pretty damn funny too. Freekin awesome."

His Nighttime Needs


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24 October 2014

The exclusive audio book sequel in the ongoing audio series featuring your favorite OVERDEVELOPED STEPSON…

His Growing Needs Rage on, Summoning all Her Womanly Strength and Stamina, Even in the Heat of the Night

Tommy’s harrowing condition of enormous proportion presents him—and the woman who’s maritally responsible for him—with the growing challenge of meeting the spontaneous needs and urges of his overdeveloped anatomy and overactive hormones whenever they arise.

Even while his family sleeps soundly after a life-changing day caused by the doctor’s discovery of his rare, bodily affliction and the very first tests of her devotion and dedication, Tommy’s overproducing problem rises, seemingly, out of nowhere. Focused solely on her new role in the household and determination to meet all of its responsibilities—even the most morally challenging—the woman of the house hears Tommy’s stifled moans and rushes to his aid.

What she finds in the darkness… what’s found surging above the sweat-coated bedcovers… threatens to test her very fortitude and capacity as a woman. Yet, she is a woman who has pledged her allegiance to Tommy and his recently realized affliction, and she will not relinquish her full responsibilities.

To Tommy’s immense relief and ultimate extrication—twice—she fulfills the complete demands of his oversized condition, rides the challenge like a true heroine, handles the weighty issue, and extracts every last drop of Tommy’s undeserved suffering.

She may never understand the perceived unpredictability of Tommy’s sudden physical demands or ever realize her integral part in the continuous provocation of the most inopportune swelling of his symptoms. But one thing is certain: she will always be there for Tommy, Whenever His Needs Arise.

His Unwavering, ENORMOUS Urgency ~ Her Steadfast Desire to Attend to His Every Need ~ Their Repeat, Doctor-Demanded Taboo Sessions

** Perfectly paired with the optional experience “Whenever His Needs Arise”.

(Original story written by my little sister, Tina Tirrell)