"The time you take, the effort you put in is part of what makes your collection a powerful and erotic experience."

Whenever His Needs Arise


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5 September 2014

The exclusive audio book featuring your favorite OVERDEVELOPED STEPSON…

The sudden arising of an extraordinary situation necessitates the most immediate and taboo handling.

It’s not easy being new to a household and responsible for two men she loves so much. It’s that very love and devotion—that undying commitment—that breaches all boundaries and begs the most impossible actions. And she finds herself telling the tale in her personal diary, confessing all the intimate details and proof of her personal innocence and revealing just how oblivious she is to the effect she personally has on Tommy, the youngest man in her life, the one suddenly burdened with an impossible physical condition that she must personally address and satiate in the most extreme and taboo ways.

She’s ignorant to the stimulation her very presence and every action plagues Tommy with, and the results reported by the family doctor simultaneously shock her and serve as a call to action, triggering her motherly instinct and primal nurturer within. Tommy has a condition of his anatomy termed “overdeveloped” and grossly “oversized.” He’s a medical anomaly, and his very arousal is an immediate threat to his life—and perhaps, even the safety of those around him.

She’ll do anything for her Tommy, anything the doctor urges, anywhere and at any time the need arises. “Doctor’s orders!” she reminds him with all due urgency; “it’s just clinical, I have to do this!” she reassures him as it’s wildly apparent that the pressure building inside Tommy is a grave danger to his own health and wellbeing.

Only one person can come to his rescue and relieve his great burden, taking care of his most urgent needs: the one responsible for caring for him and best equipped for emptying and being a receptacle for his overproducing anatomy.

His Desperate, HUGE, Tease-Heightened Needs ~ Her More-Than-Eager Desire to Fulfill His Most Compulsive Urgency ~ Their Reluctant, First-Time Taboo Encounters

(Original story written by my little sister, Tina Tirrell)