"I guess I figured that my request ideas would be interpreted more as compliments and ignored, I didn't expect you to fulfill them so fantastically. I hope that your other fans appreciate them as much as I do."

Before Breakfast


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3 December 2015

She has no idea what she does to him… until it’s all too obvious and way too late.

Michael wakes up to the soft touch and gentle words of the woman of the household, her casual beauty, sweet personality, and barely-there satin robe verging on way too much for him to handle so early in the morning considering he’s already burdened with a hard pressure in his boxers. His mind plays games with him, taunting him with its wicked sense of humor, forcing him to focus on every detail of the taboo nature of Sandra’s nearness that sets his young body in motion in a way he know he just can’t stop.

When he soaks his bed sheets, Michael fears the worst and knows she’s about to discover his major infraction and obvious result of his taboo thoughts. Yet, Sandra has a different confession to make, a request that’s so innocent that it has a very erotic effect on him. And it makes Michael feel terribly guilty.

It’s her smile, her kindness, her nurturing way and desire for his friendship that make her so innocent, yet so incredibly sexually appealing. And it’s time to go down to breakfast. How can he continue to hide what just happened to him, how he disrespected her very role in his life, while she was right next to him? What if his own father can read the guilt on Michael’s face as they sit at the same table?

Worse than Michael can imagine, Sandra shares that his father is already off to work and the two of them will be eating alone together. All the dirty thoughts, impromptu fantasies, and the returning pressure in his body can’t keep that anguishing expression off Michael’s face, and Sandra knows when the one she’s responsible for caring for is in torment. When she’s close, when she insists on knowing what’s bothering him, Michael just can’t hold back any longer. It’s automatic, thoughtless, and absolutely insane; but the pressure builds, and Michael just can’t help what he does, how his young mind reaches out for relief, how he just has to act so inappropriately, and how terribly taboo his unavoidable encounter with Sandra is, all before breakfast.

His Reluctant Taboo Sex Erotic Confessions ~ Her Relenting Surrender ~ Their Intense, Forbidden Taboo Encounter

(Original story written by my little sister, Tina Tirrell)