"I can see why you are #1 on C4S"

Let’s Change Gender Roles and Spice Up Our Play


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24 August 2017

I’ve got an idea… wanna hear it?? Let’s try something different tonight! I know how you love my sexy clothes… wanna watch me strip out of them? And then YOU can put them on! Oh, come on. Just play with me.

I want you to wear my panties and bra, my high heels and satin blouse… YOU are going to be the woman tonight, and I’ll be the man in this relationship! I have something for you… my own nice hard cock. Don’t you want me to experience how fun it is to take charge? To be on top? To dominate YOU for once? I know you want to touch your big, fat clit for me. Stroke it for me… you look so sexy dressed in my clothes… and I’ll just gently prod you with my big cock. Oooh, I love this role!