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Your Private Big Breast Bikini Show Awaits


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6 January 2010

Can you read what’s on my mind? If it’s not obvious in my devilish smile, then I’ll just have to speak the dirty words directly… I want to put on a very sexy, big and bouncy, breasty show for you, a PRIVATE show for your eyes only. And I want you to show me how much you’re enjoying it by pulling that big cock of yours out right now.

That’s right. I want you to jerk it and stroke it and wield it in your wonderfully big hands to show me just how much you adore my big natural breasts. The show begins in a bikini, your favorite, and as more of my flirty outfit is revealed, all the more of it comes off for your personal pleasure.

Just to get you really rock hard and rearing to go, I’m going to spell out a sexy poolside fantasy for you in intimate dirty, detail to keep your eyes focused on the “prize.” And I want you to cum for me… with your gaze fixated on my swinging, bouncing, bare naked tits.

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