"I love your clips. I got all the enthusiasm in the world when you're involved. Can't wait to see what you do next."

My Voluptuous Ass and Toned Legs Get You Off as I’m Tormented by Tickling


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22 June 2012

Is this what you want? Oh, I know it is… I can’t catch a breath, I have no idea what’s happening to me, I can’t control it, and I just can’t help pumping, gyrating, wiggling, wriggling, and squirming to give you the best ass and leg views possible. Had enough? Of course not.

No, you’re seriously enjoying my unseen attacker tickle me until I’m gasping, giggling, and rendered completely helpless. I’m at your mercy… woken up from my sound nap to endless tickling I just can’t stand. Just like you to take advantage of the incredible view while you get off on my agony… and my ass.