"I love watching your clips, indeed they are flipping fantastic. Your camera work and editing are excellent, and I love the way you work to camera - truly mesmerizing."

You’re in Love with My Strong, Sexy Legs


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6 July 2011

You always stare at my legs. You just can’t help yourself, can you? I love the admiration. Would you be all the more pleased if I show them off for you? Do you love the way they’re shaped? The curves, the toned muscles?

And I know you’re looking at my pretty feet with painted toenails! You’re so predictable. My legs are strong too… especially my calf muscles. Want to see my pointed heads? Watch how they tense and move as I stand on my tippy toes and do calf raises for you… see that? You love it!

And what if I were to lift YOU, your whole manly body, with just my strong leg muscles alone? Would you be able to lift me and do the same for more reps than I can lift you? Let’s find out!

And what if you were to sit on my lap? How many times do you think I can lift your manly weight with calf raises in or out of my high heels?