"The videos you do bring out a lust in me I never knew was there, a lust regular porn just doesn't."

I Can’t Stop Squirming… The Tickling Feels So Good!


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10 August 2009

I have the most terrific idea… I wish you were here to tickle me silly! But since you can’t be… this sexy shiny vibrator is going to come in really handy.

Ooooh!! Ah… ooh wee! hee hee!! It’s tickling the backs of my thighs! Oh, and down between my legs… I’m going to leave it right there. This feels so good!

oooh, weee!!! Mmmm… no matter how much I squirm and wiggle and flex and bend my legs and point my ass in the air and arch my back, I just can’t escape the serious tickling! It’s driving me CRAZY! I think I might just come…

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